Meet Echo

I’m running for the Kansas Senate because I believe the 5th District needs to be represented by someone who will listen carefully to the people of Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties and reflect their wishes and values in Topeka. I’m also running because I have a demonstrated ability to work well with others, even people with whom I don’t always agree. And I’m running because I believe passionately in the potential of the friends and neighbors in this area that I’ve spent a lifetime getting to know.

About Echo

  • Wife and mother of three
  • Deep roots in the 5th District
  • Community volunteer and advocate
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management & Human Relations – MidAmerica Nazarene University
  • Member of Fairmount Methodist Church
  • Teacher at Brighton Academy
  • Worked with municipalities across Kansas to resolve regulatory issues as the Community and Government Liaison for Luminous Neon, Inc.
  • Former Account Coordinator for International Licensees – SCD Probiotics
  • 2014 Class Representative to the Board of the Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series
  • Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary International
  • Past Board Member – Young Professionals of Leavenworth County
  • Past Member of the Tri-State Sign Association KS Div. Legislative Committee
  • Past President of the Leavenworth County League of Women Voters
  • Past Member of the International Sign Association Subcommittees on EMCs and Planner Outreach
  • Organizer of the SCD Probiotics 2011 Technology International Conference – Warsaw, Poland
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